A Simple Recipe For A Efficient Homemade Window Cleaning Solution

Ensure not only a good looking appearance of your home but also allow to the healthy natural light to come in through fabulous glass cleanliness of the windows.

What do you need to supply for your efficient window cleaning job?

–             warm soapy water

–             clean towels or microfiber cloth

–             squeegee

–             scrubby sponge or window scrubber

Add also:

– rubbing alcohol

– vinegar

– amonia

– dishwashing liquid

In 1 gallon distilled water pour 2 cups rubbing alcohol, vinegar or 1/4 ammonia, a little bit dishwashing liquid.

Quick Tips For A Perfect Window Cleanliness

How to cut the grime rapidly through the all-purpose homemade cleaner?

Spray all over the glass surface

A little bit scrubbing with a scrubby sponge or window scrubber.

Put one of the dry towels over your finger and pass with it through the window edges to remove the piled grime and dust, sands.

Now you have a clean start point fo the perfect work of your squeegee.

Look at your brilliant shining windows, which you have achieved with a rapid recipe for efficient final results. The job is perfectly done. Here is the happy shine of your home.